Δώστε μας πίσω την κληρονομιά του κυνηγιού της Αρτέμιδος



Aggelis Lefteris

Lefteris Aggelis (Kalamata , 2019-12-27)


I wish to bowhunt in Greece

Giannis Apostolidis (Kilkis, 2019-12-27)


I want to legally hunt a Kri Kri ibex in Greece one day.

Ben Salleras (South Mission Beach, 2019-12-28)


As I have stated it is a more efficient hunting tool.History is full of its story of mans survival by being able to hunt.

Stan Bartosz (Midhurst, 2019-12-28)


i like bowhunting



Keep up the good work and team up with other countries. Happy to help if needed.

Luc Krols (Brasschaat, 2019-12-28)


I believe that bow hunting is a more pure way of hunting and because you have to get close to your quarry identification is better and fair chase .

Kelvyn Dark (Cardiff , 2019-12-28)


I am signing because I had a hunt planned to Greece a few years ago and bowhunting was cancelled. I want to go back and hunt Kri Kri with bow and induct my money into the Greece economy.

Thaten Soroka (Manning, 2019-12-29)


I think it could be a great attraction for tourism and being a sustainable and ethical way of hunting m.

Pedro Ampuero Castellanos (Madrid, 2019-12-29)


I am of Greek heritage and a bowhunter, and would love to hunt in the home of my ancestors.

Steven Dimitrakellis (Wodonga , 2019-12-29)


Πρέπει να Επιτραπεί Στην Ελλάδα μας Το Κυνήγι με Τόξο
Για Ασφαλή Κυνήγι,και Διατήρηση Διαχείριση του Πληθυσμού των Θηραματων

Αναστασιος Βεττας (Χαλκιδα, 2019-12-29)


Θέλουμε πίσω την κληρονομιά μας!!!

Νίκος Στεργίου (Στρατώνι Χαλκιδικής, 2019-12-29)


Leonard shota

Λέοναρντ Σοτα (Χαλκιδική, 2019-12-29)


Συμφωνώ απόλυτα

Σωκράτης Γασπαρατος (Θεσσαλονίκη, 2019-12-29)


Είμαι υπέρ της παράδοσης και θέλω να σωθεί ακόμα και το τελευταίο στίγμα κληρονομιάς που μπορώ να έχω από τους προγόνους μου....!!!!!

Ανέστης Χατζηαβραμίδης (Λάκκωμα Χαλκιδικής , 2019-12-29)


Δ. Μπουργαλης

Δρακουλης Μπουργαλης (Θεσσαλονίκη , 2019-12-29)


I am a bowhunter and would love to go to greece and bowhunt!

Tom Miranda (Englewood, 2019-12-30)


The best way to manage wildlife is through hunting. That is how Greece should manage their wildlife. Bow hunting would also bring needed economic stimulation to Greece.

David Wagner (Vicksburg, 2019-12-30)


Im frankly shocked that bowhunting would be illegal in one of the birthplaces of the practice.

Marko Barrett (San antonio, 2019-12-30)


Its a sportsmen s rights

Jamison Bolduc (Westfield, 2019-12-30)


I agree because I agree with the "Give us back the Artemis legacy of bow hunting" Petition

GEORGE WERTHMANN (Chesterfield, 2019-12-30)


I'm a avid bowhunter an this is vital to save the ibex there

Arden Clute (Casper, 2019-12-30)


Hunters are the best conservationists pt there. By allowing bow hunters you will improve the health and population of the herd.

Travis Carmack (Yukon, 2019-12-30)


I would like to see bowhunting opened in Greece

Anthony Roettger (Ham Lake, 2019-12-30)


bowhunting is an important part of life and history

gerald casperson (menominee, 2019-12-30)


Greece has a long stories history of archery and it should have never left in the first place. If the history isn’t enough, maybe money will change your mind. The revenue brought in from archery is tremendous.

Donald Glendenning (Uniontown, 2019-12-30)



Απόστολος Αρετόπουλος (Λάρισα , 2019-12-30)


Bow hunting needs to be open in all parts of the world.

Daryl Schreiner (Saukville , 2019-12-30)


Κάτι που πρώτο αναφέρεται στην Ελληνική μυθολογία και εξακολουθεί ιστορικά, δεν πρέπει να θεωρείτε παράνομο από μια φοβική και ελλειπή νομοθεσία.

Γεράσιμος Παπαχαραλάμπους (Κρυονέρι, 2019-12-30)


Bow hunting is a proven reliable led method of hunting and should be allowed in Greece and any other country

Joseph Chapdelaine (East Longmeadow , 2019-12-30)


Υπογράφω επειδή μου αρέσει η ιστορία της χώρας και το κυνήγι με τόξο υπήρξε στην Ελλάδα όπως Και στην Κρήτη από τους Μινωικούς χρονους

Μιχάλης Σφακιανάκης (Ηράκλειο , 2019-12-30)


More people need to experience archery

Robert Tucker (Pikeville, 2019-12-30)


I believe that bow hunting should be able for everyone to access.

Sterling Elza (Amarillo, 2019-12-30)


I am a Bowhunter.

Jackie Newman (Nixa , 2019-12-31)


I believe in wildlife management

Kevin Gauvin (Monroe, 2019-12-31)


It would be good for hunters and the economy of Greece.

Roger Avery (Pascagouls, 2019-12-31)


Το δικό μας όπλο των Ελλήνων κυνηγών απο την αρχαιοτητα πρέπει να ειναι υποχρεωτικη παιδεια σε καθε κυνηγο.

Γεώργιος Ρουπακιας (Λάρισα , 2019-12-31)


Hunting is necessary to maintain animal numbers.

Rich Scarberry (Portsmouth, 2019-12-31)


George Avouris

George Avouris (Houston Texas , 2019-12-31)


I like bow hunting and think its more of a challenge than hunting with a gun.

Angelo Tavera (San Antonio , 2019-12-31)


It should be

Dicky Blake (Ft worth, 2019-12-31)


Bowhunting is one of the best ways to connect with nature and stay true to your heritage.

Greg Staggs (Jackson , 2019-12-31)


Would love to see bowhunting open.

Steve Swartz (Winchester, 2019-12-31)


Bowhunting is as natural as breathing air and drinking water

Fred Eder (New York, 2020-01-01)


It's the best hunting in our history, and respect the nature ...

CHARLIER Olivier (Namur , 2020-01-01)


The right thing to do

Gordon McFarland (Eatonton, 2020-01-01)


Keep the sport alive!!

Gary Huffman (Grottoes, 2020-01-02)


I feel that bow hunting and hunting in general is our God given right, which supersedes all religions and governments. Hunting is the only true form of wildlife conservation, the only proven way to save species from extinction, add value to a species and bring about awareness.

Alan Clausen (Lacygne , 2020-01-02)


Support for bowhunting worldwide

Eddie Ludwig (Green Bay, 2020-01-02)


Om genuinely interested in hunting.

Anders Gejer (hölö, 2020-01-02)


Bowhunt is the basic of hunting.. many years have past, its ethical, efficient and fair to the hunted..
People need to learn and understand the bowhunt to give some Credits to this type of hunting...

Chiel de Graaf (Bunschoten, 2020-01-03)


Bowhunting could be an important income for greece. Bowhunting must be accepted all over europe

Guy Vermeulen (Antwerp, 2020-01-03)


I`m a conservation biologist and can see a lot of benefits for this hunting method. It is environmently friendly and the etics for the hunting animals is absolutly correct. It is a must to find alternativ to lead in hunting projektils. Also in ecological terms it is a perfect hunting method.

Dan Andersson (Stockholm, 2020-01-03)


Bowhunting is a environment friendly hunting form. Silent and efficient. Time consuming yes but efficient.

Roland Bexander (Stockholm, 2020-01-03)

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